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Annual Calf Show

2nd October 2016

Border & Lakeland HYB held their annual calf show on Sunday 2nd October in Borderway Mart Carlisle by kind permission of Harrison & Hetherington Ltd. This year’s show saw 20 handlers and 28 calves competing under the watchful eye of our judge Mr Mark Knutsford of the Riverdane herd in Cheshire who done a wonderful job throughout. The day started with 20 members competing in the handling classes. William Horsley was champion handler with Georgina Fisher in reserve and Rachel Williamson was honourable mention. The trophies for best turned out male and female handler was judged by the senior club president Mrs Susan Armstrong and these were awarded to Alfie Hay and Eleanor Fisher.

Novice Showman (under8) 7 entries

1  Sadie Holliday

2   Mathew Hodgson

3    Torie Wilson

Junior Showman aged 12 and under

1    Connor Wharton

2    Jack Wilson

3    Sadie Holliday

4    Alfie Hay

Intermediate Showman aged between 13 and 15

1    Robert Morley

2    Thomas Horsley

Senior Showman agedbetween16 and 20

1    William Horsley

2    Georgina Fisher

3    Philip Potts

4    William Wilson

5    Eleanor Fisher

Mature Showman aged between 21 and 26

1    Rachel Williamson

2    Rebecca Fearon

3    Christina Connell 

In the afternoon the calf classes commenced when the judge was presented with a fantastic line-up of calves to judge where once again quality was in abundance with class winners as follows.

Heifer calf born on or after 01.02.16

1    Lillyhall Uno Lurlene                      M & R Harper

2    Hailstone Alpine Finebreeze        M & D Wilson

3    Woodcatt Brady Irene                  D R & H M Horsley

4    Wormanby Bankroll Jan               Wormanby Holsteins

Heifer calf born between 01.12.15 and 31.01.16

1    Wolfa High Octane Irene              Messrs M Armstrong

2    Lambroda Bookem Elegant          M& R Harper

3    Wormanby Wickham Lilly            Wormanby Holsteins

4    Warnelview Rydell Susette         K J & C S Wilson

  Woodcatt Brady Kirsty                D R & H M Horsley

6    Ingleden Atwood Rosie               Messrs Williamson

7    Ingleden Atwood Rose               Messrs Williamson

Heifer Calf born between 01.10.15 and 30.11.15

1    Hailstone Director Peggy Red         M & D Wilson

2    Warnelview Musketeer Lavisha     K J & C S Wilson

3    Wiltor Doorman Alysia                    M & R Harper

4    Woodcatt Debutante Nicole          D R & H M Horsley

5    Hilltop Euphoric Valerie                 K J & C S Wilson

6    Belle Glam Rox                              Belle Genetics

7    Ingleden Celeb Gail                      Messrs Williamson

Heifer Calf born between 01.08.15 and 30.09.15

1    Wormanby Mard-Gras Gloriette     Wormanby Holsteins

2    Petteril Lauthority Clarissa               S & A Morley

3    Newtonrigg Dempsey Roxy        Newtonrigg College

4   Carrock Activator Lynn Red        Buckabank Farm Ltd

Heifer calf born between 01.06.15 and 31.07.15

1    Woodcatt McCutchen Marie      D R & H M Horsley

2    Petteril Bookem Celeste              S & A Morley

Heifer calf born between 01.04.15 and 31.05.15

1    Woodcatt Laurie Sheik               D R & H M Horsley

Champion Calf                              Wolfa High Octane Irene                    Messrs M Armstrong

Reserve Champion Calf             Hailstone Director Peggy Red            M & D Wilson

Honourable Mention Calf         Woodcatt Laurie Sheik                        D R & H M Horsley

Exhibitor Bred Pairs

1    K J & C S Wilson            (Warnelview)

2    D R & H M Horsley       (Woodcatt)

3    M & R Harper               (Lambroda/Lillyhall)

All our 1st placed showmen and calves will be part of the Border & Lakeland HYB Team competing at the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show to be held on 15th/17th October at the Three Counties Showground Malvern.

On behalf of the club may I now once again thank our judge Mark Knutsford , all of our sponsors , and Harrison & Hetherington for the use of their facilities , and to Heather Pritchard .Craig Brough , and Glynn Lucas for their help , and senior club members and parents whose continued support makes this event the success that it is. And finally I hope all members and their calves have a very successful and enjoyable weekend competing at the National Calf Show at Malvern in two weeks time.



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