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11th April 2015

Our Annual Herd Competition will this year  was judged by Ben Yates Herd Manager at "Wyndford" Holsteins, Shropshire.

Mr Ben Yates, Shropshire travelled all the way to give his reasons for the WHC, kindly sponsored by Dodd and Co accountants. Ben was extremely impressed by the standard of the entries and the time and effort the members had taken in preparing the animals in quite adverse weather conditions. The quality of the animals on show made for an extremely tough competition and anyone who had entered had been a real credit to the breed and the club. 



(Sponsored by Dodd & Co. Chartered Accountants)


Best Top Team – Boustead Memorial Trophy


1 KJ & CS Wilson                     Warnelview Herd

2 R &E Butterfield                      Ingleview Herd

3 B&V Davidson                        Errolston Herd

4 T Graham & Son                      Hethersgill Herd

5 Messrs C Dent                        Bridge End Herd

6 John Jamieson            Firth Herd


Class 2 Best Junior Cow 2nd & 3rd – Stockdale Cup


1 T Graham and Son                 Heathersgill Laurin Mauritsa

2. R& E Butterfield        Ingleview Rebel Lamy

3 B&V Davidson           Errolston Loader Ricki 2

4 John Jamieson           Firth Jango Gloriette

5 Messrs Fisher             Whispering Springs Jotan Gail

6 F Harrison & Son        Crossrigg Altitude Tilly 2


Class 3. Best Senior Cow – CM Chester Plate


1 KJ & CS Wilson.         Warnelview Finalcut Nita

2 B&V Davidson           Errolston Damion Ricki

3 T Graham & Son         Heathersgill Sam Bella

4 Messrs C Dent           Highoaks Laurtharity Joan

5 F Harrison & Son        Crossrigg Lucy 18


Class 4 Best Junior Hfr Born After 1 June 2012– Criddle Billington Feeds Plate


1 Messrs C Dent           Bridge End Sid Sarah

2 Mark Wilson   Hailstone Sid Sunray

3 M & R Harper             Lambroda Guthrie Número Uno

4 Harrison/Jackson/Hallhead      Holmeland Goldchip Alanya

5 Mark Wilson   Hailstone Bashlar Sunlight


Class 5 Best Senior Hfr Born Before 31 May 2012 – Harkness Trophy


1 T Graham & Son         Heathersgill Dempsey Squaw

2 B&V Davidson           Errolston Berryhill Ricki

3 Buchabank Ltd           Carrock Sid Roxette

4 R & E Butterfield        Ingleview Atwood Melody

5 Butterfield/Fisher        Ortongrange Observer Ghost 4




Class 6 Best Family Group Best Family Group – KM & KM Mawson Trophy


1 B&V Davidson           "Ricki” family

2 R&E Butterfield          "Dandy"family

3 F Harrison      "Lucy"family

4 Messrs Fisher             "Bevin"family

5 M & R Harper             "Bonita"family


Class 7 Iron Grandma – Bill Threlfell Trophy


1 Messrs Fisher             Joelee Outside Bevin

2 KJ&CS Wilson            Warnelveiw Jasper Irene 2

3 M& R Harper Rolingjo Formation Daisy

4. J& I Wilson    Primo Windstar Eda

5 B&V Davidson           Saxpena Bold Privet

6 Messrs Harrington      Saxelby Mason Irma



Best New Entrant


KJ And CS Wilson         Warnelview Herd





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