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Winter Herd Classic Results

22nd June 2021

Winter Herd Classic Report 2021

Being held slightly later in the year than planned the 2021 Winter Herd Competition still produced an outstanding display of Holstein cattle, showing the breeds strength in all its glory.

A task to pull these animals in to any particular order fell upon Mrs Ruth Harper from the Lillyhall herd, there was jaw dropping moments throughout the competition especially so with the power all cattle displayed and the youthful dairyness displayed by the older classes.

On giving the results Ruth commented how close all the classes were, if you put each in a ring together it was coming down to the finest detail, Ruth has kindly produced a video of the classes on the Border & Lakeland Facebook page.

A big thank you to all exhibitors for putting on a wonderful display of cattle your commitment and hard work showed through over the three days judging and it was a pleasure to judge.

An outstanding display from Evening Holsteins who took the overall title with their super six chasing their tails was Inglewood Holsteins, this was the first time they had entered a Border & Lakeland competition and one to definitely watch out for in the future, following on with a close third was M & D Wilson Hailstone Holsteins with their organic pedigree herd.

One highlight of the competition was the Iron Grandma Inglewood Kiwi Oranje 53 from Inglewood Farms Ltd, a 7th calver that showed power strength dairyness and above everything so youthful, a truly outstanding example of the breed.

Finally a big thank you to Dodd & Co for their continued support for sponsoring the competition. We are very grateful that we are able to provide these competitions to the members.


Best Junior Cow 2nd Calver Stockdale Cup (7 Forward)

1 – Heathersgill Hurricane Donna (Heathersgill Holsteins)

2 – Inglewood Impression Elsie 29 (Inglewood Holsteins)

3 – Woodcatt Octane Melinda (Woodcatt Holsteins)

Best Intermediate Cow 3rd Calver J Stobart & Son Perpetual Challenge Trophy (5 Forward)

1 – Evening Fitz Nell (Evening Holsteins)

2 – Crossfell Abbott Baya (Crossfell Holsteins)

3 – Tallent Silver Gaye 6 (Tallent Holsteins)

Best Senior Cow C M Chester Plate (5 Forward)

1 – Riverdane Ashlyns Gold (Evening Holsteins)

2 – Hailstone Ladino Fine Breeze (Hailstone Holsteins)

3 – Inglewood Kiwi Kitty 16 (Inglewood Holsteins)

Senior Heifer Harkness Trophy (6 Forward)

1 – Evening Atwood Jessie (Evening Holsteins)

2 – Gaitsgill Emilio Sallie (Gaitsgill Holsteins)

3 – Hay Bloomfield Spring (Hay Holsteins)

Junior Heifer Criddle Bollington Feeds Plater (6 Forward)

1 – Heathersgill King Doc Bella (Heathersgill Holsteins)

2 – Evening Sidekick Jennifer (Evening Holsteins)

3 – Langhurst Jordy Roxanne (Langhurst Holsteins)

Family Group KM & KM Mawson Trophy

1 – Mandy family – (S Harrington Gaitsgill Herd)

2 – Marci Family – (A Brough Tallent Herd)

Iron Grandma William Threlfell Cup

1 – Inglewood Kiwi Oranje 53 (Inglewood Farms Ltd)

HYB Unserved Heifer Class

1 – Jack Wilson Panda Treacle ET (Lightning Holsteins)

2 – Scarlett Graham Heathersgill Solu Ezra (Heathersgill Holsteins)

3 – Liam Graham Heatehrsgill Ronald Asherlin (Heathersgill Holsteins)

4 – Tori Wilson Richaven Silver Squaw (Hailstone Holsteins)

Super Six Females Boustead Memorial Trophy (6 entries)

1 – Evening Herd (Evening Holsteins)

2 – Lord Inglewood Farms (Inglewood Holsteins)

3 – M & D Wilson (Hailstone Holsteins)

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