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Summer Herd Competition 2022

22nd July 2022



The most anticipated competition of the year took place the week commencing 18th July 2022 to decide who would be the Border & Lakeland representative in the 2022 Premier Herd Competition. This year we welcomed Malcolm Dyson former Holstein UK Classifier, a well respected gentleman of superior knowledge. A fascinating three days were spent traveling around the members farms analysing top class cows and herds a spectacle for anyone to see. One of the main highlights for Malcolm was the senior Cow class miniscule points separated them all, a fantastic advertisement for the breed and a testament to the breeders, Lillyhall Bookem Margo was the overall winner of this class, well done Matthew and Ruth Harper.

A massive congratulations to the Stowbeck Herd for Len & Chris Wilson Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd this herd was our overall winner and will now go forward to represent the area in the Premier Herd Competition. A consistent herd with a very uniform type of cow.

Congratulations to Messrs Harrison LONGBURN Herd it was their very first time entering the competition and took the overall small herd title as well as presenting many favourable individuals.  

A huge thank you goes to John Bushby and Ken Mawson for stewarding the competition and to Richard and Louise Fisher who kindly provided the venue for our results evening. There are many more notable cows that could be listed all is revealed below in the results.

Congratulations to all that entered you certainly didn’t make Malcolm’s job very easy. Good luck Messrs Wilson Skirwith Hall farms in the next round of the competition.

Stacey Creighton (Secretary)


Class One Large Herd

  1. Stowbeck Herd Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd
  2. Ingleden Herd Messrs Williamson
  3. Carrock Herd Buckabank Farm Ltd

Class Two Small Herd

  1. Longburn Herd Messrs Harrison Downhall Wigton
  2. Woodcatt Herd DR & H Horlsey
  3. Tallent Herd A Brough North Lodge Tallentire

OVERALL HERD:  Stowbeck Holsteins

Best New Entrant: Messrs Harrison Downhall

Class Three Progeny

Small Herds:

  1. Delta Lambda Lillyhall herd
  2. OCD Kingboy Rambo Longburn herd

Large Herds:

  1. Walnut Sidekick Wormanby Herd
  2. All Nure Secretariat Woodcatt herd
  3. Delta Lambda Stowbeck Herd

Class Four Senior Cow (10 Forward)

  1. Lillyhall Bookem Margo Matthew & Ruth Harper
  2. Heathersgill Beema Daintylass Messrs Graham
  3. Wormanby Octane Arnhilda Wormanby Farm Ltd
  4. Woodcatt Silver Fav  DR & H Horlsey

Class Five Intermediate Cow (8 forward)

  1. Stowbeck Fitz Flo Skirwth Hall Farm Ltd
  2. Wormanby Capture Adeen Wormanby Farm Ltd
  3. Bankview Ranger Mitsy Messrs Walton
  4. Heathersgill Scenario Squaw Messrs Graham

Class Six Junior Cow (8 forward)

  1. Heathersgill Pharo Stately Messrs Graham
  2. Wormanby Victor Anita Wormanby Farm Ltd
  3. Ingleden Fitx Papoose Messrs Williamson
  4. Woodcatt Control Squaw DR & H Horlsey

Class Seven Senior Heifer (10 forward)

  1. Hailstone Lighthouse Shelia M & D Wilson
  2. Wormanby Kingdoc Hat Summer Wormanby Farm Ltd
  3. Woodcatt Secretariat Lila Z DR & H Horlsey
  4. Stowbeck Silvo Lydia Skirwith Hall Farm Ltd

Class Eight Junior Heifer (10 forward)

  1. Wormanby Lambda Judy Wormanby Farm Ltd
  2. Woodcatt Secretariat Lisa DR & H Horsley
  3. Stowbeck Rager Mavis Skirwith Hall Farm Ltd
  4. Lillyhall Hegzbollah Matthew & Ruth Harper

Class Nine Dam & Daughter (8 forward)

  1. Davina Family Messrs Harrison Longburn herd
  2. Pansy family Messrs Walton Bankview herd
  3. Vaakje family Messrs Fisher Newtonmoss Herd
  4. Abbie family Buckabank Farm Ltd Carrock Herd

Class Ten Group of Heifers (6 forward)

  1. Wormanby Farm Ltd Wormanby Herd
  2. DR & H Horsley Woodcatt Herd
  3. Matthew & Ruth Harper Lillyhall Herd
  4. Skirwith Hall Farm Ltd Stowbeck Herd

Class 11 Unserved Heifer to be shown by HYB member (12 forward)

  1. Arranview Lambda Amy Jack Wilson Lighting herd
  2. Warnelview Impression Karen 2 Tori Wilson Hailstone herd
  3. Heathersgill Captivating Bella Liam Graham Heathersgill herd
  4. Crossfell Chief Baya Jack Metcalf Crossfell herd







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