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Summer Herd Competition 2023

5th July 2023

The future is in good hands, when Alistair Laird (Blythbridge) took time out of his busy schedule to cast his eyes on the entrants Border & Lakeland Holstein club members had put forward. Wow the HYB class never fails but to impress. The hardest class to judge (Alistair’s’ exact words). Jonathan Marrs took top spot for his calf Wolfa Tropic Rose. A big well done and congratulations to everyone that entered, it was hair line marks that split you all. Alistair’s pick to take home was Stowbeck Alongside Alice, a tremendous stamp of the Holstein breed the type I love to see, she trumped the Intermediate Heifer class. There was two new herds tussling for prizes and learning the ropes in this years competition, congratulations to Messrs Awde Broadmeadows and Brian and Gill Donald Ling Lane who competently held their own in stiff competition. The Linglane Herd coming out overall Small Herd winners and the Broadmeadows herd collecting Best Newcomer. 2015 Premier herd winners Wormanby Farms had a good representation in most classes, the Arnhilda family coming out top in the Dam & Daughter class, amongst others. The biggest accolade went to the Stowbeck Herd ran by Len Wilson & Chris Wilson victors overall and representing the club in the next round of the Premier Herd Competition. This is the second year they have taken the top prize, a credit to consistent breeding and management. A big thank you to our sponsors Charlie Craddock & Finance for Farms for providing the prize money. And once again thank you to Alistair Laird for accepting to judge this years competition.
Stacey Creighton (Secretary)
Class One Large Herd
1. Stowbeck Herd Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd
2. Ingleden Herd Messrs Williamson
3. Broadmeadow Herd Broadmeadow Farm Ltd
Class Two Small Herd
1. Linglane Herd B & G C Donald
2. Hailstone /Lightening Herd Messrs Wilson

OVERALL HERD: Stowbeck Holsteins

Best New Entrant: Broadmeadow Farm Ltd

Class Three Progeny
1. Walnutlawn Sidekick Wormanby Farm Ltd
2. Walnutlawn Sidekick Skirwith Hall Ltd
3. Delaberge Pepper Broadmeadow Farms Ltd

Class Four Senior Cow (9 Forward)
1. Wormanby Octane Arnhilda (Wormanby Farm Ltd)
2. Stowbeck Control Trix (Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd)
3. Heathersgill Scenario Squaw (Mr T Graham & Son)

Class Five Intermediate Cow (7 forward)
1. Wormanby Victor Anita (Wormanby Farm Ltd)
2. Ingleden Fitz Papoose (Messrs Williamson)
3. Broadmeadows Brennan Syrup (Broadmeadow Farms Ltd)

Class Six Junior Cow (12 forward)
1. Hailstone Lighthouse Sheila (M & D Wilson)
2. Arnot Jans Rhapsody (Crossfell Farm Ltd)
3. Wormanby Kingdoc Hatsumer (Wormanby Farm Ltd)

Class Seven Senior Heifer (5 forward)
1. Newtonmoss Crown Royal Carice (Messrs Fisher)
2. Heathersgill Excal Asherlyn (Mr T Graham & Son)
3. Linglane Country Marilyn ( B & G C Donald)

Class Eight Intermediate Heifer (11 forward)
1. Stowbeck Alongside Alice (Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd)
2. Wormanby Crushtime Hatsumer (Wormanby Farm Ltd)
3. Ingleden Kingboy Hyacinth (Messrs Williamson)

Class Nine Junior Heifer (4 forward)
1. Broadmeadow Homeground Beryl (Broadmeadow Farms Ltd)
2. Stowbeck Barolo Lill (Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd)
3. Crossfell Boom Diamond (Crossfell Farms Ltd)

Class Ten Dam & Daughter (6 forward)
1. Arnhilda Family (Wormanby Farm Ltd)
2. Lulu Family (Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd)
3. Daintylass (Mr T Graham & Son)

Class Eleven Group of Heifers (4 forward)
1. Broadmeadows Herd (Broadmeadow Farms Ltd)
2. Newtonmoss Herd (Messrs Fisher)
3. Hailstone / Lightening Herd (M & D Wilson, Jack Wilson)

Class 11 Unserved Heifer to be shown by HYB member (12 forward)
1. Wolfa Tropic Rose Jonathan Marrs
2. Woodcatt Crushabul Rapture Sam Donald
3. Lightening Golden Master Impala Jack Wilson
3. Hay Alum Fame Red Ollie Hay

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