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Summer Herd Competition 2014 Results and Presentation night photo's

21st July 2014

Press Release  Border and Lakeland Summer herd Competition 2014


The number of entries for this year’s competition made for 3 long days for the judge Henry Cornthwaite from Garstang, travelling each day to  15 farms spread all over the county. The standard of entries was superb and Henry saw some fantastic cattle and on one day alone saw over 1800!

With 12 of the farms entering the full herd competition and over 12 entries in each of the individual classes this was a great competition to judge and to take part in with no one being a loser as all the animals were of a superb standard making judging very hard for Mr Cornthwaite.


The presentation evening was held once again on a beautiful evening at the Roundthorn Country Hotel, Penrith.Our sponsors of the competition Barclay’s Bank and Quality Liquid Feeds were there to present the awards and after a lovely meal the climax of the 3 days was much anticipated by over 50 people.


Mr Cornthwaite gave some comments on the cattle he had seen without giving the all important results

away and then our president Mrs Marion Holliday announced the results and the sponsors ably handed out the prizes and trophies.


Everyone agreed the competition and the 2 new classes had been a success and a great night was had by all.





2014 Summer Herds Competition Results


Judge: Mr Henry Cornthwaite “Kirkwood”


Sponsors :

QLF Liquid Feeds

Barclays Bank


Small Progeny – JS Kirkby Cup


1st  R & E Butterfield                       Braedale Goldwyn    

2nd  Messrs A Brough                         England- Ammon Million

3rd Messrs  WM Hutchinson               Picston Shottle      


Large Progeny – The Dunglinson Trophy


1st  Wilson’s, Skirwith Hall Farms Ltd   Regancrest Durham Mr Sam             

2nd Messrs C Dent                                Pine Tree Sid              

3rd Messrs C Dent                             Gillette Jordan


Best Senior Cow (from both sections)– The Crossfield Cup


1st   H M and D Hodgson                        Wormanby Shottle Mary

2nd Messrs S & A Morley                       LLydan Jasper Linjel Carol

3rd Messrs Williamson                          Ingleden Buckeye Monica   

4th Brough’s ,Buckabank Farm Ltd        Carrock Goldwyn  Special

5th Messrs  WM Hutchinson                  Bowberhill Shottle Melody


Best Intermediate Cow (from both sections) –


1st H, M & D Hodgson                           Wormanby Bottle Mahala

2nd R and E Butterfield                        Ingleview Gold Doll

3rd Messrs Fisher                                Newtonmoss Touchdown Kiwi

4th Messrs C Dent                                Bridge End Howie Raven

5th Messrs Metcalfe                            Carhill Shottle Elizabeth 3


Best Junior cow (from both sections)- The Lever Cup


1st DR & HM Horsley                           Woodcatt Madison Penny     

2nd H, M & D Hodgson                           Wormanby Aftershock Gloriette    

3rd Messrs S & A Morley                     Petteril Blackjack Rose

4th Messrs A Brough                           Tallent Million Shine

5th Messrs C Dent                               Bridge End Bolivia Allen Maria


Best Senior heifer(from both sections)– The Solway Cup


1st H M and D Hodgson                        Atwood Linda 2nd

2nd M and D Wilson                              Hailstone Bambam Agatha

3rd Messrs C Dent                             Bridge End Sid Sheer

4th RH  Carter and Sons                      Gerrard Knowledge Ruby     

5th Messrs A Brough                           Tallent Garrison Brandy


Best Junior heifer(from both sections)– The Herdwise Trophy


1st  Messrs S & A Morley                       Petteril Lauthority Farrah

2nd DR & HM Horsley                            Woodcatt Gold Melinda

3rd Messrs A Brough                            Distinctive Million Susie Mist

4th CW and DE Bushby                         Hillside Iota Marie                                                          

5th R and E Butterfield                        Ingleview Dempsey Dandy


Best Dam and Daughter


1st H M and D Hodgson                         Wormanby Gloriette

2nd DR & HM Horsley                            Melinda’s

3rd M and D Wilson                               Hailstone Maybelle’s


Best 10 heifers (Large herd)


1st Messrs C Dent

2nd DR & HM Horsley

3rd CW and DE Bushby


Best 5 heifers ( Small herd)


1st H M and D Hodgson

2nd Messrs A Brough              

3rd Messrs S & A Morley                       



Small Herd – The Musgrave Cup


1st  H M and D Hodgson                           Wormanby                    

2nd Messrs S & A Morley                     Petteril

3rd  RH Carter & Sons                             Gerrard


Large herd -  The Lakeland Cup


1st Skirwith Hall Farms                         Stowbeck

2nd Messrs C Dent                                   Bridge End

3rd CW and DE Bushby                             Hillside


Best newcomer


Messrs A Brough – ‘Tallent’


Winner of the Edward Pattinson Memorial Trophy & going forward to represent Border & Lakeland Holstein Club in Premier Breeder Competition


 H M and D Hodgson “ Wormanby”


hursday 17th July. Judge - Mr. Henry Cornthwaite, “ Kirkwood” prefix.


Results below:








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