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Border & Lakeland Holstein Young Breeders

Why not join Border and Lakeland HYB and take part in­ all our activities such as Stock judging, Herd Visits, Showing, Clipping, Social events and the opportunity to Travel abroad. Our Club aims to provide new and exiting opportunities which will develop our members into the Top Holstein Breeders for the future.

Holstein Young Breeders is the Youth Section of the Pedigree Dairy Breed Society Holstein UK. It is similar to the Young Farmers Organisation and there are 27 Regional Clubs across the UK with membership open to anyone under the age of 26. The aim of Holstein Young Breeders (HYB) is to encourage young people with an interest in dairy cattle by providing a wide range of activities that promote learning and participation.

Joining HYB gives the opportunity to take part in local and national events such as, Stock judging, Showing Cattle, Herd and Farm visits, Social events and some Travel and exchange opportunities.

We help to organise a full calendar of events for our members alongside the activities of the senior Club.

There are 3 Stock judging evenings every year. Our teams are selected for the National  competitions day. Older members help with training and our teams have a reputation for doing well in national competitions. We also hold a Linear Assessment Training .

The Rally weekend is one of the main events of the National HYB calendar, the weekend gives young people from all over the UK an opportunity to get together, take part in competitions, Border and Lakeland HYB hosted the first Rally weekend and some 18 years later we again hosted the weekend in 2005.

Around 250 young Breeders from all over the UK travelled to Cumbria and we certainly gave them a weekend to remember with herd visits, an Outward Bound Team Challenge on the shore of Lake Ullswater, the Reasoned Stock Judging Competition, the “Field to Photo” Competition and not forgetting to mention some great socializing with a fantastic Beach Party and BBQ.

We also hold clipping training sessions every year, and we have a calf schooling and showmanship preparation evening to help our members prepare for our annual calf show.

Our Club Calf show is one of the largest Club Calf shows in the UK. HYB Members and their Calves compete in the Showmanship and calf Classes as the eliminator for the “All Breeds All Britain Calf Show”, the highlight of the HYB year. Our teams always enjoy their trip to Stoneleigh every October and over the years the B&L HYB team have been very successful winning the Top Team Award in 2003 and 2004 and the Dunrod Trophy in 2006.

We have given an insight into our Activities throughout the year, if you are interested why don’t you come along and join us. The Events are listed on the Clubs Calendar page and we send out regular newsletters.

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